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Work apart //
Thrive together

Remotivo makes remote work feel less remote and more fulfilling.

By creating a natural and safe space for spontaneous encounters and shared experiences we boost motivation and togetherness.
Don't take our word for it

While remote work allows for greater flexibility and work-life balance, it can also be an isolating experience, making it difficult to stay engaged and motivated.

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A sense of belonging and recognition are crucial factors for sustainable motivation in remote work. With physical distance it can be challenging to maintain the same level of personal connection that exists in a shared office space. We bridge this gap by facilitating spontaneous connections and shared experiences. The end result is a more fulfilling and engaging remote work experience.

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We provide a diverse and constantly growing library of social micro activities ranging from physical exercises and breathing sessions to flow inducing multiplayer games and creativity boosting experiences. Integrations with third party services are readily available and new ones are easy to add through our flexible app platform and SDK.
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We offer a clean and natural channel for informal, lighthearted interaction across the organisation, sparking new connections and building a greater sense of togetherness.

Social micro activities

Social micro activities are a great way to restore focus and build a sense of togetherness. They are all social by design and range from physical exercises and stretches to polls, quizzes, and interactive experiences lasting for a minute or two. Remotivo schedules these activities in a way that doesn't interfere with work, allowing people to effortlessly join when they feel like they need a quick break with others.

Status updates

Status updates are a great way to build togetherness and get to know people in a non demanding way. Easily share anything from "Going for a run" or "Just pushed a new release" to an interesting article or a Spotify link. The ability to highfive people with a simple click makes it easy to show appreciation and keep the positive energy flowing. Best of all, reactions are private so you don't end up in a battle for likes.


The clean and minimalistic interface needs virtually no onboarding, allowing you to start using it right away. It allows you to focus on work while Remotivo makes it more fulfilling. Whether you're sharing your status, joining an activity, or just high-fiving a colleague, Remotivo is a simple and unobtrusive way to restore focus, spark connections and boost engagement in your remote work environment.


Balance is key to sustainable remote work. Remotivo limits the time spent in social micro activities, ensuring they don't interfere with work. Instead, the activities serve as opportunities to switch context for a brief moment to enjoy stimulating experiences with colleagues. This improves physical and emotional wellbeing, resulting in a more sustainable and balanced remote work experience


All conversations are temporarily stored in ram memory and removed after being idle for a certain time, so no need to worry about sensitive chat history being stored indefinitely. Additionally, Remotivo can be safely installed as a Progressive Web App, operating within the security framework of your web browser. Authentication is securely handled through Auth0 and all network traffic is encrypted.


Remotivo is designed to be flexible and convenient for modern remote workers. You can enjoy the platform through any web browser, install it as a progressive web app, or use it as a native app for Windows or Mac. This means you can stay connected and engaged with your team no matter where you are or what device you're using. Furthermore, all features can be customised to fit any organisation.

What is it?

Remotivo is a minimalistic social platform designed for remote and hybrid teams to thrive. It boosts energy, motivation and togetherness by providing regular opportunities for coworkers to recharge and have fun together in short, social micro activities. Additionally it provides a way for team members to share, connect and show appreciation in a more informal and spontaneous way leading to a stronger team culture and smoother collaboration.

How does it work?

Remotivo is a web-based platform that can be accessed through any modern web browser. It can also be installed as a progressive web app or as a native app for Mac and Windows. Users can easily join their team's space where they enjoy micro activities and interact spontaneously with their coworkers.

Why use it?

Remotivo is designed to help remote and hybrid teams build a stronger culture and sense of togetherness, which can be difficult to achieve in a virtual work environment. By providing opportunities for regular, shared experiences and spontaneous interactions, Remotivo helps team members thrive socially, mentally and physically. Together even when apart. This in turn leads to higher productivity, smoother collaboration and lower employee turnover rates.

Is it secure?

Remotivo takes security seriously. We use Auth0 for rock solid authentication. All network traffic is encrypted and all conversations are automatically discarded after a short period of inactivity. Furthermore, Remotivo can be safely installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), allowing you to use it on any device without worrying about security risks.

What does it cost?

Remotivo offers a free plan that includes all basic features up to a team size of 5, as well as a paid plan for larger teams that also includes additional features like custom micro-activities, branding and advanced reporting. Pricing for the paid plan is based on team size and starts at 5 USD per user per month.

Can it be customised?

Remotivo offers a wide range of customisation options. From the simple things like notifications and colour themes to activity duration and frequency. Activities can be added, removed and customised to suit any organisation. New activities and integrations are easy to create without any code thanks to our flexible app platform. There is also a Remotivo SDK for Javascript which can be used to create new, immersive realtime experiences with ease without having to worry about message routing or matchmaking logic.

How can I try it?

Simply create an account and you're good to go. Single sign-on is available for both Google and Microsoft, or you can register with email and password. If you register with your work email you'll have instant access to a dedicated Remotivo space based on the email domain. There's also a public space available to anyone. Now you're ready to enjoy social micro activities and interact with coworkers.

We do things differently.

We've put a lot of thought into the design and implementation of Remotivo. We wanted to create an experience that would be minimalistic and intuitive, so that it wouldn't get in the way of work. We wanted to make sure it wouldn't distract people when they're busy working.


To achieve this, we have designed Remotivo to look great and be intuitive in virtually any resolution. It can be used on your phone or on the desktop. It can be viewed full screen or it can be resized to take up a small fraction of your desktop. We use subtle visual cues that provide just enough information without being distracting. In order to make this work at scale, we use a combination of responsive web technologies and advanced WebGL rendering.

We also wanted to make positive energy spread easily, so we made it as easy as one click to encourage each other. Furthermore we wanted to eliminate worries about prestige, such as comparing how many likes you got in relation to others. To achieve this we made reactions visible only to the recipient. This results in a more open, safe and inclusive atmosphere.

Although we do offer video call activities, we don't offer video calls as part of the core Remotivo platform. Firstly, there are already great tools available for it and we generally don't like to reinvent the wheel. Secondly, we don't believe video calls to be the best way for remote workers to connected in an informal, non demanding and spontaneous way. While they do provide a direct way of interacting, they can also be draining, time consuming and demanding. On the other hand, we do offer voice calls as we believe they provide a natural and non intrusive way to stay in touch while working.

We wanted to avoid displaying statuses as a chronological feed as we believe feed scrolling can quickly become a serious time waster. Instead we show statuses when hovering people with your mouse. This makes consuming statuses more organic and interesting. We also don't accumulate unreads when you're offline. Instead, we treat communication as a spur-of-the-moment thing that happens here and now, while online. This way you never have to worry about "catching up".

Also, by presenting activities in a clean app-like format within the confines of Remotivo, we eliminate the distraction of opening tabs, clicking links, waiting for things to load and switching away from your work context. Furthermore, having a fixed time limit on activities, we avoid people spending excessive time doing non work related activities. Still, we ensure they get a quick energy boost before resuming the work at hand.

Most importantly, we've made all activities social in real time. This makes them a lot more engaging and fun to join. The social aspect of the activities provides opportunities for coworkers to meet, learn, cooperate and express themselves in new and interesting ways, such as breathing together, stretching together, playing golf together, chatting about interesting subjects, competing in quizzes, or collaborating in puzzles. This builds team culture, fosters teamwork and creates a more sustainable remote work experience.

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